Gary Lineker’s pants set to revolutionise comedy

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Experts are hailing Gary Lineker’s presentation of Match of the Day in his pants as the most revolutionary comedic moment since the phrase ‘Remember the Thundercats? What was that all about?’ was first coined.

“I’ll be honest, this has changed everything,” said comedy critic Simon Williams.

“I mean, I’m well-known for deconstructing comedy until it becomes something stark, bold and confrontational. I like to see comedy out there on the edge, pushing the boundaries.

“But presenting Match of the Day in your pants? That’s just off the scale.”

Mr Lineker presented the first ten minutes of Match of the Day wearing only a pair of ginormous boxer shorts while Ian Wright and Alan Shearer giggled in the background like schoolboys who’d just heard their first fart.

The reverberations are being felt across the comedic world.

“I’ve just ripped up months of writing,” said Amy Schumer.

“Stand-up, sketches, film scripts; all gone. Yes, I’m widely considered to be amongst the world’s finest observational comedians, but this guy Lineker just presented Match of the Day in his pants, everything I’ve done just feels redundant.

“Oh, and that’s not ‘pants’ meaning ‘trousers’ but the correct use of ‘pants’ meaning ‘pants’.”

Despite the near uniform adulation from the comedic world, there has been some dissent from Mr Lineker’s peers.

“It was alright,” said Richard Keys and Andy Grey, together.

“But we’d have done it with our cocks out, and they’d be bigger than Gary’s.

“It’s OK, though; it would just have been a bit of banter.”