Tense mini-roundabout stand-off enters second hour

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A tense three-way stand-off at a mini-roundabout has entered its second hour, as the elderly drivers at each junction remain hesitant over who should move first.

The mini-roundabout in Basingstoke is currently causing traffic chaos as all three secondary roads are gridlocked while the three drivers, Gerald Williams 78, Shiela Matthews, 69 and Peggy Smith, 75 all remain stationary at the head of each junction.

Reporters on the scene have described a tense atmosphere, though it appears no-one is about to make the first move.

As one witness described, “The incident began shortly after 10am this morning, as the rush hour traffic subsided and the roads became ‘safe’ for the elderly drivers who need to run errands.

“It looks like the simultaneous arrival at the three-way junction by all three drivers has left each of them utterly bemused as to who should go first.”

We spoke with driver Peggy, who told us, “Well, I have to give way to that nice man there, and this nice lady has to give way to me, so I’ll just sit and wait until that nice man moves.

Shiela explained, “Well, I have to give way to that nice woman there, and this nice man has to give way to me, so I’ll just sit here until that nice woman moves.

Gerald told us, “I have to give way to one of these nice women, but I’ll be blasted if I can remember which way it goes. I’ll just sit here until one of them moves.”

The AA has advised motorists to avoid the area until at least mid-afternoon.