Pokemon Go to replace golf at Rio Olympics

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Following a number of top golfers pulling out of the Rio games, organisers have decided to cut the sport from the Olympics and replace it with Pokemon Go.

“It is clear that the introduction of golf into the games has not been welcome,” said an Olympics official, after yet another golfer announced they would not be travelling to Rio.

“So, it seems the sensible thing to do is to introduce a sport that has proved universally popular; Pokemon Go.”

Top Pokemon Go players like that spotty bloke from IT and little Suzie from next door are already in training to try and make the games.

However, they will have to deal with strict new tournament rules.

“No Pokemon gyms, only Pokemon caught in the arena will be scored, and there will be regular checks to make sure that no one interferes with the competitor’s Pokeballs,” said the official.

Rory McIlroy reiterated his very clear view on the introduction of golf to the Olympics.

He told reporters, “I don’t believe that the Olympic Games should or needs to introduce these non-traditional sports like golf, they cheapen the ethos of the games, and I’ll have nothing to do with it.”

There was a brief pause while Mr McIlroy was told of the latest developments.

“What? Are they doing Pokemon Go? I’m brilliant at that, I’ve just caught a Jigglepuff.

“Balls to the Zika virus, get me on that plane.”