Bernie Sanders optimistically asks his supporters to accept reality

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Former US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has asked his followers to accept reality whilst keeping a perfectly straight face.

Sanders, who acknowledged his campaign had always been an uphill battle, has taken on his toughest fight yet in asking supporters to engage with the challenging concept he called ‘real life’.

The new concept has led to incomprehension amongst his base and many Bernie-boosters have rejected the plea, insisting he can still win the Presidency – despite the fact that he can’t, and he won’t.

Sanders started small by suggesting that there are people not on your friends list who may disagree and have independent agency, which left large numbers of his camp in confused, angry tears.

“Just because Bernie says he can’t win the presidency and isn’t standing doesn’t mean he can’t stand and win the presidency,” said Sanders-fan Billy-Simon Williams.

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“I’m gonna write his name onto the ballot paper whether he wants me to or not.

“And if a hundred million or so people do the same, he’ll be… President,” he added in a tone of breathy-voiced awe at the correctness of his own miraculous vision.

When asked if explaining reality to his supporters is difficult, Sanders said it’d be easier to get ‘small and far away’ through to Dougal McGuire.

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