Security experts warn wars will begin with soldiers pursuing Pokemon across borders

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Experts in international security have warned that Pokemon Go could trigger several devastating new wars around the world, as troops stationed in tense border regions are likely to cross borders in order to catch Pokemon on the other side.

The popular new augmented reality mobile game has players roaming the real world to seek, capture and fight with Pokemon.

Concerns have been raised that players fixated on the game will blunder into places where they really shouldn’t go, such as out into busy traffic or into the territory of hostile foreign nations.

NATO spokesman Simon Williams said, “We have already received concerning reports that NATO troops stationed in the Baltics have been entering Russian territory whilst playing the game.

“If these incursions are detected by the Russians then we could be looking at the outbreak of World War 3, which could well lead to global nuclear armageddon.

“NATO will not tolerate these unauthorised incursions by our troops unless any Legendary Pokemon are sighted over the border, in which case we absolutely must catch them before the Russians do.”

Pokemon Go has already been blamed for a diplomatic incident in the Bay of Gibraltar as a Spanish naval frigate sailed into Gibraltar harbour in order to catch a Tentacruel.

Luckily, the British government were forced to forgive Spain on account of the fact that at the same time members of the Royal Navy were going after a Squirtle in the nearby Spanish port of Algeciras.

However, a much more serious situation could be brewing on the Korean peninsula, where North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has said, “If those rare Pokemon think that they are safe by hiding out on the southern side of the DMZ, they are sorely mistaken!

“The glorious armies of the DPRK will charge into the decadent, capitalist South in our quest to catch ‘em all, and our superior Pokemon will help us conquer all of the Gyms in the burning ruins of Seoul!”