Online petition created to limit number of online petitions about Article 50

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A new online petition to limit the number of online petitions about Article 50 has gone live today.

“Look, I get that people are cross about the referendum and that,” said the creator of the petition to stop petitions about Article 50, Simon Williams

“But I’ve had to sign four different ones on not triggering Article 50 before breakfast this morning.

“I only went on Facebook to quickly post a picture of what I had for dinner last night; fish fingers and mash, nom nom nom.

“I’m not saying there should be a ban or anything, but just tone it down a bit. I’ve got a life to lead.”

As this article was created, there were currently 5,982,423,647 active online petitions in the UK regarding, in some form, Article 50.

They include a petition to not trigger Article 50, to trigger Article 50 immediately, to explain what the hell Article 50 is, to rename Article 50 as ‘Article 50 and the Temple of Doom,’ to convert the wording of Article 50 to Iambic Pentameter, to only trigger Article 50 through a rap battle, and for Peter Jackson to adapt Article 50 into three films that go on for far too long.

A separate petition is also live demanding that people who set up ‘hilarious’ petitions about replaying football matches have their computers confiscated.