Monday 4 July 2016 by Davywavy and davedevil

Labour MPs withdraw labour in ongoing industrial dispute

Labour MPs to strike

Industrial action by Labour MPs unhappy at new working conditions set by party shareholders is in danger after strikebreakers were sent in this morning.

MPs staged a walkout last week after new management threatened any who didn’t do as they were told with redundancy.

Out of hundreds of Westminster staff, only a few dozen blackleg MPs are still willing to cross the picket line and serve on the Shadow Cabinet set up by new boss Jeremy Corbyn.

Shareholders in the party, who paid up to £3 a share, are furious their workforce won’t knuckle under to the new conditions and promise a wave of sackings if they don’t come around.

Describing Labour MPs as ‘the enemy within’, a management spokesman told us their strike had to be broken for their own good.

“I paid £3 for my shares in the Labour Party, and that means I own the workforce,” said shareholder Simon Williams.

“I’ve put in place new management and the staff have to accept the terms we impose.

“Who do they think they are walking out on us like this, doctors? Miners?

“We need to send the army in to deal with these workshy skivers and force them to get back to work,” he added.

Striking MPs are understood to be forming a union to better represent their interests, which management and shareholders describe as ‘completely unacceptable’.

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