Baghdad solidarity profile pictures failing to take off on social media

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After Islamic State killed 125 people in Baghdad, profile pictures with the Iraqi flag in support of the victims have so far failed to take off on social media.

With 125 dead, and 150 further injured, experts are predicting that any minute now people will be overlaying their profile pictures with an Iraqi flag in defiance of the terrorists of Islamic State.

Facebook used Simon Williams said, “Of course I’ll be changing my profile picture in support of the victims, how else can we show the terrorists they won’t win even when they bomb Western targets… wait, this bomb was where?

“And you’re sure we’re not still bombing that place?  Maybe I’ll just wait and see how this unfolds a bit first?”

Others have voiced similar reluctance to changing their profile picture.

Sharon Jones told us, “Yeah, I would definitely put an Iraqi flag over my profile picture, but black and red really aren’t very flattering to someone with my colouring.

“It’s nothing to do with it being in the middle-east and not in a place I can get to on the train.

“Plus I didn’t do GCSE Arabic, so I’ve no idea how to put the words I am Baghdad as my profile instead.”