I voted to send ’em back so you better bloody send ’em back, warns Brexit voter

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Brexit voter Simon Williams has warned things are going to get ugly if politicians keep backing away from their promise to ‘send them all back’.

Williams reacted with glee last Friday morning when he realised his vote to send ’em back would see the government forced to send ’em back, but has since been left concerned at politicians repeatedly saying they actually have no intention of sending ’em back.

Williams told us, “I saw the adverts; I watched them on TV, I heard them on the radio, I even saw them on the Internet – so don’t stand here and tell me they didn’t promise to send ’em back, because they bloody well did.

“I voted in good faith, and on the understanding that my wish to see them all sent back would become a reality.

“Look, I don’t want to sound threatening, but I put a brick through the window of the newsagent when he wouldn’t accept the Euro coin I brought back from Benidorm, so you really don’t want to see what happens if I don’t get my way this time.”

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Those behind the Leave campaign have welcomed Williams’ comments, and thanked him for his support.

As one insider told us, “Firstly I would like to say thank you to Simon and everyone who voted the way he did, I think we can all agree it was incredibly helpful in the end.

“But I would also say that if you believed everything we said, promised or implied on the campaign trail; then you’re a bit of an idiot.”