Thursday 30 June 2016 by Neil Tollfree

Facebook users warned that their posts may be visible to other people

Facebook privacy notices

There was widespread panic amongst users of Facebook as warnings spread across the site that users’ posts may be seen by other people.

The warning is as follows:

“Facebook users be aware! From tomorrow, much like yesterday and the day before, everything you’ve posted on Facebook will be visible to other people! This was reported in the general terms and conditions of the website so I believe it.

“The only ways to prevent your posts being seen by other people as follows;

  1. Sacrifice a family member and/or goat to Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Kill yourself
  3. Move to Nepal
  4. Delete your Facebook account.”

There is confusion over whether the warning that Facebook posts may be seen by other people is genuine or not.

“I think that’s bollocks,” said Facebook user and ant herder Simon Williams.

“Because, like, if I post something that’s like a thought from my own brain then that thought must be mine, mustn’t it? Otherwise it’s like people saying my brain is just open for anyone to reach in and grab bits.

“And that’ll just get messy.”

However, other users are taken precautions.

“Yeah, it’s probably just one of those, you know, spam warnings,” said moustache trimmer Eleanor Gay.

“But better safe than sorry and all that, so I’ve bought a goat and my little brother’s coming round for a cup of tea.”

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