NRA unveils ‘Good Gay With a Gun’ campaign

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The NRA have responded to the Orlando massacre with their usual degree of sensitivity.

“The only antidote for a bad guy with a gun in a gay club is a good gay with a gun,” reads the unbelievably clunky statement on a poster featuring a rainbow-coloured Glock 9mm.

“We see nothing wrong with that,” shrugged Chuck Williams, head of the National Rifle Association’s PR department.

“It’s the kind of straightforward thinking that has got us where we are today; and we’re sure the gay community won’t mind us appropriating their culture for what is a universal message; that everyone should be armed up to the eyeballs at all times.”

Gay person, Tom Schumer, said, “It’s certainly a change; most NRA members have formerly been quite happy with the idea of my getting shot.”

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“But I suppose this time a Muslim did the shooting and I guess ‘Muslim’ trumps ‘Gay’ on their scale of ungodliness.”