New Leave.EU poster to feature the Holocaust

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The Nigel Farage supported Leave.EU campaign group are preparing to follow up their poster that exploited the Orlando massacre for political gain with a poster featuring images of the holocaust.

The poster, featuring various images of Nazi atrocity will be accompanied with the words – ‘Germans did this. Vote Leave.’

“It is an arresting image,” chuckled Nigel Farage as he studied the pictures of dead people whilst quietly supping a pint of beer.

“But, look, there are only ten days to go. It’s very important  that we get across the fact that Europeans causes death and massacres, either through tolerating Muslims – which leads to atrocities like the one we saw in Orlando, or through being German – which leads to the Holocaust.”

The new poster has won fans amongst supporters of ‘Brexit’.

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“Urrgh,” grunted Simon Williams, a supporter of Vote Leave still trying to master the art of walking erect.

“Me like Farage. Me no like brown men. Me no like Germans. Urrrgh. Poster good. Poster has nice colours.”

Mr Williams then loped away, knuckles dragging across the path, to put a brick through the window of Sainsbury’s for selling a French stick.

The new Leave.EU posters will go up around the country in the next day or so, and will be followed by posters featuring the Stalinist purges, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and, in what could be some sort of administrative error, a young Anakin Skywalker’s massacre of the younglings.