Ed Sheeran sued for $20m for ‘being f**king awful’

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Pop star Ed Sheeran is facing a huge lawsuit in America for ‘being shit, rubbish, and f**king awful’.

The suit is being brought by two musicians who claim they are acting on behalf of everyone who has ever heard an Ed Sheeran song.

They told reporters, “This is for people who have found themselves listening to the radio and ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ or ‘Give Me Love’ unexpectedly come on.”

“These people have had to endure seconds, or even minutes of an Ed Sheeran song. These are the people who have smashed up their radios because they couldn’t find the off-switch quick enough.

“It’s for these people we’re suing Ed Sheeran.”

Other named defendants include Johnny McDaid, who has co-written some of Mr Sheeran’s records. The suit claims that his band Snow Patrol are ‘mediocre aural piss’.

The musicians are using the same lawyers who successfully brought a suit against Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines for ‘being total shit’.

Mr Sheeran has denied the claims and has said that he will fight the suit.

“These claims are nonsense and I refute them entirely, and I will –

“Oh, hang on. Sorry, I thought you were asking about the $20m lawsuit I’m facing for plagiarism, I’m fighting that one.

“But ‘being f**king awful?’ No, they’ve got me on that. Bang to rights. I’ll pay up.”