UKIP to launch emoji EU referendum campaign

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UKIP are to produce a referendum campaign consisting solely of right-wing emoticons, it has emerged.

The document, which is part of a drive to connect with young people ahead of the EU Referendum, will be filled with brightly coloured faces expressing a wide range of mainly bigoted views.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, said, “We need to make right-wing knee-jerk scaremongering much more accessible to youngsters, and research tells us this is how they like to communicate – especially on social media websites like the Twitter.

“So what better way to illustrate our policy on foreign aid than a big red cross through a non-white cartoon face with tears in its eyes?

“We’ll probably use that one for immigration too. And housing. And welfare. Actually, that particular image sort of covers it, really.”

Reports suggest UKIP’s policy on energy will be depicted by a thumbs-up smiley next to a wind turbine that has been sawn in half by an angry farmer.

Designs have also been created for an animated GIF of a British Tornado aircraft repeatedly bombing a Spanish shipping trawler in UK waters.