‘Cigar wall’ urged to try vaping

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A brick wall seen smoking a cigar on social media has been urged to try vaping by the anti-smoking lobby.

The wall, as yet unidentified, was photographed smoking what appears to be a Cuban cigar with little consideration for the adverse health effects.

Vaping advocate Simon Williams told us, “I hate to see tobacco products glamorised like this.

“I understand the pressure a modern brick wall can be under, from work, from friends, from society as a whole – and tobacco can seem like just what you need to get you through the day.

“But impressionable young walls will see this photo and the attention it has received on social media and think that smoking cigars is ‘cool’.  Well, it’s not, let me tell you.

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“What’s cool is vaping through a device that glows in the dark and when the vape coils burn out, it can be recharged whenever you want- that’s cool.”

Social media experts say the cigar-smoking wall represents something of a turning point for society’s attitude to smoking.

Consultant Travis Cleeves told us, “If I were a tobacco brand I’d be recruiting building materials to smoke my products on all their social channels.  I cement bag with a pipe, breeze blocks with a rollup, the opportunities are endless.

“A brick wall smoking a cigar is just the start; I suspect we’ll soon see a wooden fence panel drinking a gin and tonic.”