Public interest only extends to what politicians look like eating bacon, claim newspapers

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Newspapers that failed to report on John Whittingdale’s relationship with a prostitute have said that public interest only extends to what you look like when you’re eating.

Journalist and Rupert Murdoch employee Simon Williams told us , “People will say we decided not to report on John Whittingdale because he was influential in implementing the post-Leveson rules that we as an industry would ultimately be bound by.

“But it is nothing more than a complete coincidence that he, as the minister responsible for Leveson, has decided not to push for all the Leveson recommendations, right after we chose not to report his girlfriend was a prostitute.

“It might look to the untrained eye like a bit of mutual back-scratching has been going on, but frankly what the press did or did not know about him, or what Whittingdale did or didn’t do because of this, is of no-one’s interest whatsoever – so of course we’re not going to report it.

“But if you have the audacity to look like an idiot when you’re eating a bacon sandwich then we’re going to plaster that shit all over the front page.

“It’s nothing less than the public deserve.”