Channel Four to follow up ‘Sex Box’ with ‘Sex Bin’

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Channel Four have revealed that they intend to follow-up their controversial hit show ‘Sex Box’ where real couples have sex in a box, with ‘Sex Bin,’ where real couples have sex in a bin.

“Sex box was great,” said Channel Four executive Fennela Humus.

“It gave a load of creepy narcissists a chance to talk about their genitals a lot.

“However, we wanted to expand the format, get a different sort of people on the show; the sort of people who’d have sex in a bin.”

The Bin in question will be a standard municipal green plastic bin that will be placed in the centre of the studio.

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“We’ll keep to a similar format,” said Ms Humus

“A couple will come on and chat about each other’s bits for a while, then they’ll go and have sex in a bin, and then they’ll chat about each other’s bits again and giggle.”

The show will be hosted by Vernon Kay, with the woman who writes the sexy photo stories on the problem page in the Sun providing ‘expert’ comment.

Ms Humus also revealed plans to continue to vary the format indefinitely.

“Oh yes, we’ve got loads lined up ‘Sex skip,’ ‘Sex tree’, ‘Sex 1989 Ford Fiesta’.

“No, this is going on forever, no matter how much you plead for it to stop.”

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