Adele surprises fans with KRS-One medley

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Adele surprised her legions of fans at the 02 arena on Tuesday by opening her show with a medley of You Must Learn, Outta Here, and Sound of Da Police before busting out an incendiary full length version of My Philosophy.

“It was good. I think. I mean, I’m not terribly familiar with Mr One’s oeuvre,” said legal secretary and Mum of two Eleanor Gay.

“I think I was hoping for more of her, you know, nice ballads and less angry shouting about policemen.

“But on the plus side, I definitely think I understand more about the black struggle in urban America, which I wasn’t expecting.”

The wildly successful London artist and been expected to stick largely to songs from her three albums with perhaps a soaring encore of James Bond theme Skyfall, however Adele isn’t one to play it safe.

“I’m a massive fan of KRS-One, from right back when he was Boogie Down Productions,” said the singer after the show.

“So, it was important to me that I share that with everyone who comes and sees me.”

She went on to explain that fans could expect more rap music.

“Well look, I bloody love old-school hip hop so I’m going to be dropping in some Schooly-D, Run DMC, Rakim and LL Cool J.”

“Might even do some Nas and Biggie, it’s important to keep that music alive, know what I mean?”

As the concert ended and the streets of London echoed with the sound of tipsy middle-aged woman lustily singing ‘Woop woop, that’s the sound of the police,’ it seems the legacy of Rap’s golden age was in the solid hands of both Adele and her fans.