Criminals thanked for taking their own mugshots

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North Yorkshire Police have thanked two thieves for providing their own mugshots.

Benjamin Robinson and Daniel Hutchinson were both arrested for stealing from fruit machines after taking a string of selfies showing them carrying out the crimes.

“It makes our job a piece of piss, really,” confirmed Detective Simon Williams.

“Not only did these twonks take care of the aspect of proving they nicked the cash, they’ve also taken good enough photos that we don’t have to wheel out the camera ourselves.

“It’s a fancy SLR type thing and it’s a right pain in the arse to use, so happy days really.

“If only all criminals had this charming mixture of consideration and incompetence; we could probably cut down to a three-day week.”

Messrs Robinson and Hutchinson will face trial at Yorkshire Crown Court, where they are expected to defend themselves, convict themselves and escort themselves to prison.