Migrant piss-taking continues with cruise to Turkey

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Migrants are getting it all their own way again.

The cheeky scamps who dared to travel from one country to another with hopes of better lives are continuing their run of ballsiness by claiming a free cruise to Turkey.

“Bloody disgrace, we had to pay £600 a head when we went,” said middle-Englander, Simon Williams.

“Granted, ours was all-inclusive and we were allowed to come back afterward, but still, boils my piss it does.

“Plus our holiday in Turkey was really nice, I’d love to stay on holiday forever like they get to now.

“Just goes to show it’s one rule for Brits, and another for foreigners seeking better lives by running like stink across Europe.”

Migrant, Elizabeth King, said “It’s nice but it’s not the best cruise ever; we’ve been told we’ll be shot if we try to come back, for example.

“Even Thomas Cook aren’t that arsey about these things.”