Britain’s nicest traffic warden sacked for bringing the profession into disrepute

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The man described as ‘Britain’s nicest traffic warden’ has been given his marching orders by bosses who aren’t looking for that sort of thing at all.

An employment tribunal ruled that Simon Williams, who has been identified by papers as the country’s nicest traffic warden, had brought the profession into disrepute by being kindly and helpful.

The tribunal heard that Williams had helped motorists in distress and overlooked minor infractions, behaviour which was described as ‘wholly unsuitable’.

“The last thing we’re looking for in a traffic warden is a relaxed, friendly, happy-go-lucky attitude”, the Traffic Warden Association Tribunal Service (TWATS) said in their ruling.

“Traffic wardening is a modern, and progressive career which is ideally suited to hatchet-faced battleaxes without the faintest glimmer of warmth in their soul.

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“Having an imagination is positively discouraged.”

After the ruling, Williams was ceremonially stripped of his regalia of cap, bristling little moustache and bag of sour lemons.

Williams says he plans to appeal, as it’ll be the first time a traffic warden has done that either.

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