Wellard to return to Eastenders

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In what is turning out to be a thrilling week for Eastenders fans, producers have announced the return of Wellard the dog to the soap.

The move follows news that tough man Ross Kemp will also be returning in the coming weeks.

Wellard was a hugely popular character and took part in some of the soap’s most memorable storylines such as ‘Wellard does a poo behind a market stall,’ ‘Wellard sniffs Roly’s arse,’ and ‘Wellard eats a beetle.’

The return of Wellard produces a challenge for writers as the dog was last seen dead of theobromine poisoning after eating some chocolate.

Producers have remained tight-lipped on how they’ll get round this, but there is speculation that after the Wellard died, Robbie Jackson removed the head and cryogenically preserved it in the Queen Vic’s freezer and will now use technology to clone the animal.

It is unknown whether the clone version of Wellard will be evil or not.

Wellard himself has remained characteristically quiet on his return to the soap but when asked if he was excited to be coming back to Walford, he responded simply – ‘woof.’

It is thought that he will feature in a major new plotline – ‘Wellard chasses a pigeon.’

Fans of childish giggling will be hoping that this news paves the way for the return of Ethel’s Willy.