Peckham weed dealer ‘Magic Jez’ available for Sean Penn interview

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Following Hollywood star Sean Penn’s interview with Mexican drugs kingpin ‘El Chappo’, a dealer called ‘Magic Jez’ has made himself available to be interviewed at Mr Penn’s convenience.

“Yeah, so I saw that he’d done that interview with the fat Mexican fella,” said Jez from his place of work in the cubicle of the gents’ toilet in Peckham’s Dog and Trumpet pub.

“So, I thought, you know, I’d be up for a chat if he wanted one.”

However, Jez did insist on some stringent conditions.

“He’d definitely have to come to the Trumpet. I mean, I couldn’t be going off to Hollywood, I’ve got my regulars.

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“And he’d have to get the first pint in as well, and a bag of mini cheddars. No, he’s got a bit of cash, make it Scampi Fries.”

There is speculation that Sean Penn’s interview with the notorious Mexican gangster is one of the factors that led to his re-arrest.

“Not bothered. Not worried about that. Plod knows I’m here, but they ain’t bothered. As it happens one of the Community coppers gets an Eighth off me most Fridays.”

It is understood that Mr Penn’s people are considering the offer, but the Scampi Fries may be a sticking point.