Petition to bring back Katie Hopkins’ TV chat show still hoping for second signature

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Katie Hopkins’ chat show has been cancelled after just one series on TLC, with an online petition to bring it back said to be expecting a second signature any day now.

TLC, owned by Discovery, said it had cancelled the series after all eight viewers found something better to watch on television.

A spokesperson told us, “Unfortunately we have had to cancel Katie Hopkins Rules the World, because frankly Katie Hopkins couldn’t even rule the 9pm slot amongst little-watched cable channels.

“I would have described the viewing figures as disappointing, but they would have had to be orders of magnitude larger in order to be considered ‘disappointing’.

“We hired Katie Hopkins thinking she would bring her hundreds of thousands of social media followers with her to our channel – but clearly these people barely tolerate her words when limited to 140 characters at a time.

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“However, both watching and listening to her for 30 minutes was simply too much for any of them to bear.”

Hopkins herself has been quiet on the subject, apparently hoping that the online petition would drive TLC to make a u-turn and save her show.

Media consultant Simon Williams told us, “I’m surprised she’s been quiet about the show’s cancellation, I would have thought jumping to pile further abuse onto something that was self-indulgent, overly expensive, and loved only by simpletons would have been right up her street?

“And to think people don’t believe in miracles.”