Calls for Arts Council to subsidise Star Wars tickets

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With the price of cinema tickets rising sharply for the much-anticipated Star Wars film, there are calls for the Arts Council to make it more accessible for poorer families.

Despite being the Greatest Story Ever Sold, many people are being priced out of the cultural highlight of the year.

What was once popular entertainment for the masses is now seen as the preserve of the elite.

“I didn’t go to a good school,” said struggling choreographer Brian Smith.

“So my kids normally have to wait until a film comes out on BitTorrent.

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“But these performances are so rare, we thought it was important for our children to experience it first-hand. It’s an education as much as everything: when else are they going to get an excuse to dress up smart in their best BB-8 and tucker?”

Now, with ticket prices soaring, Smith wants the Arts Council to step in.

“It just isn’t fair, can you really put a price on culture?

“Without grants or low-cost loans, a whole generation could be lost to the Lucas arts.

“Or have to wait until someone rips the Blu-ray. If they don’t do something, we’ll end up spending Christmas at the ballet.”