Is that Greek thing still going on, asks everybody

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Greece hit the headlines again today, months after everyone had completely forgotten about them.

Greece, who were briefly famous earlier this year after voting to defy the EU and then doing the exact opposite, held another of their startlingly regular elections over the weekend.

The election was to decide which group of angrily gesticulating men will do what Angela Merkel tells them.

International politics expert Simon Williams told us “Greek elections are a bit of a public holiday.”

“It’s a way of blowing off steam by doing a lot of shouting and taking to the streets for a day or two.”

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“They do this every few months, everyone gets to march round in the streets waving flags and shouting, and then they get back to the serious business of waiting by the fax from Berlin or Brussels.”

At time of writing it was impossible to tell what difference the election would make, or even why they had bothered aside from giving everyone the chance to show off their new flags.

Whatever the outcome of the election it is still a mathematical impossibility for Greece to pay its debts.

However nobody seems all that fussed any more, unlike a few months ago when exactly the same situation seemed like the end of the world.