Everyone at least 6 degrees away from someone who saw Katie Hopkins chat show

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After Katie Hopkins new chat show brought an audience of just sixty thousand people, experts have said that you are at least six degrees of separation from anyone who saw it.

Despite plastering adverts in newspapers and on billboards across the nation, the show was watched by fewer people than than live in Bognor Regis.

Audience analyst Simon Williams told us, “Yes, it shocked us too – I think sixty thousand is an awfully high figure for a Katie Hopkins television show – but it is the first show and I’m sure there was an element of curiosity, like the people who slow down at a car accident.”

“I imagine the audience will be at a much more believable level next week.”

“On the plus side, I think it now holds some sort of record for the largest number of people to see an advert for a show that then chose not to watch.”

Many people have insisted that six degrees of separation sounds like a really small number of people to go through before finding someone who watched her show.

Television owner Michael Jones told us, “No, I didn’t watch it, but my next door neighbour’s sister works with a guy that dates someone whose brother-in-law’s friend was in the audience.”

“How many degrees is that? Just six, really?”

“I guess she’s more popular than I thought.”