Friday 10 July 2015 by Daniel Hopkins

Fears as family of 14 travels to Butlins

Butlins holiday fears

There have been fears for a family of fourteen, including a six-month-old baby, who are believed to have travelled to Butlins for a family holiday.

The family was reported missing two days ago, leaving behind a key under the mat and a note for their neighbour which simply stated “please feed the fish”.

They crossed the border into Skegness and are now believed to have joined the Butlins redcoats, though no activity has been seen on social media, other than promotional and propaganda material.

A source close to the family said, “This is completely out of character for them.

“It is completely horrific and unfair that they took their six month old daughter with them, who has to suffer a week of mediocre entertainment.”

Now questions are being asked of the police and law enforcement officials, and why they were unable to stop the group from travelling to Butlins, despite the obvious risks.

The family was actually under investigation for incidents relating to Internet search history.

According to reports, itineraries for family package holidays were found on their computer, as well as searches for cheap family holidays and Pontins.

Despite holding this information police did not act sooner and now the family may be currently living in a small cramped room, training in various sports and eating meals consisting of nothing more than buffet food each day.

A security source commented, “More must be done to stop families travelling to Butlins in 2015, especially with cheaper, better holidays available.

“It is simply not acceptable that British citizens would do something like this.”

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