Man who used Tube to take cocaine forced to do ‘blow’ on his bike

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The city worker who was filmed doing coke on the London Underground has been forced to bang all his blow on his Brompton, due to industrial action.

The man, who works for a data banking company, was previously filmed taking the ‘substance’ and offering it to passengers on a busy tube train.

Despite the strike by London Underground staff, the man was determined that his commute would not be ruined and did several lines off his saddle before beginning his journey from his office in Shoreditch to his home in Putney.

The man who claims “I just really love blow” then ‘keyed’ as much of the substance as he could whilst negotiating the capitol’s traffic filled streets.

A video shot by passenger on a London bus showed the man banging on the windows and shouting quotes from Scarface.

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He then rides away screaming “check out this wheelie” despite the fact that his front wheel never leaves the ground.

London Cabbie, Gary Birtles, encountered the man when he pulled up alongside him in his taxi.

“He leaned in to through my passenger window and asked me if I wanted something called a ‘gummy’.”

“He was on a bike so I just followed my natural instinct, called him a c**t and said something about how he doesn’t pay road tax.”

Commuters waiting at a bus stop tried to calm the man down but he claimed that he only had 5 more miles left until he got home, and that he could probably cover that distance in about one minute.

A bystander told us “he said that cycling was a piece of piss and that he could probably win the Tour De France if they let him do some blow.”

“He seemed to really love blow. I mean really love it.”

In a repeat of his previous performance the man was later heard yelling “Oh my God, I’m f*****. Oh my God I’ve just taken way too much coke. I’m freaking out, f, f — why am I on a Tube?”

Drivers were quick to point out that he was in the Blackwall Tunnel but that he, almost definitely, had done too much coke.