SNP concerned that David Starkey might have found Highland concentration camps

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The leadership of the SNP are in panic mode today, after David Starkey implied he knows all about the concentration camps they are using to exterminate the English.

Starkey, interviewed in the Sunday Times said the SNP were just like the Nazis, heavily implying that the dominant Scottish political party were running secret concentration camps designed to eliminate people they don’t like.

When pressed for details, Starkey said, “I’m not going to tell you precisely where the concentration camps are, but suffice to say that history will judge us harshly for our inability to curtail the tyranny from the north.”

“There are a great many parallels between the SNP and the Third Reich, not least that Alex Salmond and Adolf Hitler are brunettes of approximately the same height.”

“Also, if you take the material from a kilt, dye it black, and give it to a tailor, he can turn that kilt into the uniform of the Gestapo in just a couple of days.”

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“Seriously, what more evidence do you need?”

David Starkey on the SNP

SNP supporter Simon Williams said, “Unfortunately, history is littered with horrible arseholes like David Starkey.”

“But in the age of the Internet, his views are getting far more airtime than they deserve.”

“It’s about time we started putting David Starkey in the same category as Richard Littlejohn and Katie Hopkins – in that if you find yourself agreeing with him, you should have a really long look at yourself in the mirror, because you’ve probably completely misunderstood the situation.”

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