Greeks angrily reject proposal that they do some work

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The government of Greece has angrily rejected a proposal by the International Monetary Fund that they could do some work to pay off their debts.

The proposal, the latest in a line of suggestions aimed at helping Greece pay off all that money they borrowed of their own free will, was described as by the left-wing government as ‘unthinkable in principle and unworkable in practice’.

The draft document is believed to outline a mechanism by which working-age members of the Hellenic population could get up in the morning and engage in productive labour, instead of getting up in the afternoon and drinking Mythos whilst blaming everyone else for their problems.

A small proportion of the value of this labour could then be assigned to tackling the Greek debt pile, which is now greater than the value of the entire country.

The strategy is believed to have been effective when it has been tried elsewhere.

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Addressing reporters at a breakfast briefing yesterday afternoon, Syriza Prime Minister Tsipras explained that asking Greeks to be up and about by 9am was ‘utterly unreasonable’.

Greek unions and public sector workers also threatened mass walk-outs on the days they actually turn up.

However, the Germans and the IMF remain steadfast in their demands, as they fear that accepting Greece just isn’t going to get a job would give Italy, Spain and France ‘all kinds of ideas’.

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