Post-election blues call for Brave hearts all round

author avatar by 8 years ago

Well that’s it for another five years then.

The battle buses are back in the depot, Nicola Sturgeon’s chopper is back on its chocks, Nick Clegg has sauntered off into the sunset and the rest of us are quietly getting back to realising that there is more to the news than who David Miliband has been flirting with.

It’s funny how things turn out. Who would have bet on David Cameron lurching to the left, Labour coming over all apologetic, UKIP turning decidedly indecisive and the SNP marching south like Braveheart with a different ending?

Dennis Skinner even had to fight them off for his seat in the Commons. Who’d have thought it?

Austerity may bite deep in the years ahead. We may have to pull in our metaphorical, collective, economically prudent, public belt as never before.

But at least we’ll always have the memories: Natalie Bennett sniffling on the radio; Ed Miliband saying it with an eight-foot stone, getting down with Russell Brand and messy with a bacon sandwich – is it any wonder he lost?

In the years ahead they may take away our public services… but they can never take our memories.