New Star Wars film to feature extended Jar Jar Binks death sequence

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In what is being seen as a ‘major leak’, the new Star Wars film will feature a graphic and extended death sequence for prequel character Jar Jar Binks.

Director JJ Abrams insists the scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, rumoured to be over 25 minutes long, is ‘dramatically appropriate’ and serves only to advance narrative and character.

A leaked storyboard suggests the death involves almost every major Star Wars character and features Jar Jar being captured by Boba Fett before being shot, stabbed, head-butted by a Gamorrean, hurled off a high gantry into a bottomless pit, throttled with dark side force power, riddled by force lightning, blown out of an airlock, run over by a succession of speeder bikes, impaled with a Gaffi Stick, kicked in the nads by Princess Leia, before finally being stamped on by an AT-AT which then ‘proceeds to jump up and down a few times to make sure.’

Rumours have been rife that a major character would die in the film and many fans have speculated, apparently inaccurately, that it would be Han Solo.

A Lucas film insider said, “They told Harrison Ford they were planning to kill off a major character and he immediately insisted it be Jar Jar. No hesitation.”

“He said he wouldn’t make the film unless Han Solo got to blow Binks into tiny gobbets with a turbolaser, and JJ Abrams agreed on the spot.”

The film is expected to break box-office records when it is released at Christmas.