Labour suddenly in favour of Green Party being involved in leaders debates

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Ed Miliband has joined the chorus of people calling for the Green Party to involved in the leaders debates, insisting that Natalie Bennett is the best thing to happen to his party in months.

Following Natalie Bennett’s calamitous interview on LBC radio, Miliband immediately changed his stance on the Green Party leader taking a podium on live television.

A Labour party insider told us, “There are those who think having the Green’s involved in the debates will split the left-wing vote – and until about an hour ago we completely agreed.”

“But right now our number one election strategy in targeting those left-of-centre voters is to get Natalie Bennett talking, as often as possible, to as wide an audience as possible.”

“That interview was so bad it was almost like it was scripted by Armando Iannucci himself.”

“We might actually buy ad space to promote her LBC  interview from this morning, it really was that beneficial to the Labour party cause.”

Natalie Bennett interview

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “In an unforeseen twist, Bennett’s performance has made Ed Miliband not only look look more capable, but quite literally ‘competent’.”

“That’s something none of us could have predicted just days previously.”

The Green Party have reacted to this morning’s events by demanding to be excluded from the televised leaders debates, insisting their best chance of success is not letting Natalie Bennett talk to anyone, anywhere, ever again.