Give me my joke back, Alex Salmond tells Pub Landlord Al Murray

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Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has told Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, that he wants his joke back.

Murray, who has recently announced his Parliamentary candidacy in Thanet, is accused of having stolen the idea from Alex Salmond who has “been doing this routine for years and years”.

“The pub landlord is a bald, fat man who spouts bigotry and economic nonsense – which absolutely nobody takes seriously,” said Salmond.

“And there’s only room for one person like that in British comedy.”

“This is just typical of the English, stealing my fine, original Scottish idea and pretending it was theirs all along.”

“How dare he try and nick my routine like this?”

However, Al Murray has denied the accusation, insisting that he is basing his character on a totally different deceitful bigot and that any similarities with Salmond are “purely coincidental”.