MLS to be renamed World Series of Soccer

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The United States is to add the word ‘World’ to its domestic football championships so that some America soccer players can continue to claim to be World Champions.

After an extra-time 2-1 exit at the World Cup at the hands of European side Belgium, American sports fans are unhappy at the prospect of waiting four years for another go.

‘Go Team USA’ fan Chuck Williams told us, “With Major League Soccer becoming the World Series of Soccer, my beloved LA Galaxy could be champions of the world by next summer.”

“It would be an amazing achievement, to go from an idea in someone’s head, to the champions of the world in just a few short years.”

“But that’s what American sport is all about.”

MLS rebranding

Fans in other countries have been told not to worry about the fact that the World Series of Soccer can only be played by American teams, insisting it’s a model they reproduced successfully elsewhere.

A spokesperson for the American league said, “We’ve seen it work well for baseball for years, and hardly anyone outside of America complains about the World Champion title that they didn’t have the chance to play for.”

“And they’re not American anyway, so what do we care about their opinions?”