Robin Thicke knows he wants it, confirms Robin Thicke

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Following an epic PR fail on Twitter this week with the hashtag #AskThicke, Robin Thicke was quick to point out that he probably wanted it to fail, and if he thought otherwise, he was probably wrong.

“I told VH1 that I didn’t want to do a Twitter Q&A session,” said Robin Thicke, “for the obvious reason that lots of people hate me and think I’m a misogynistic sleazy twat, which I am.”

“They took my refusal to do it as explicit consent to do it, and did it, because they knew I wanted it.”

“We knew he wanted it,” said VH1’s PR Manager. “We said ‘hey hey hey’ and ‘you’re a good girl’, to warm him up, then spiked his coffee with Rohipnol.”

“By the time he woke up we’d already done it. We’re confident that’s what he wanted.”

“It’s not what I wanted,” said Robin Thicke.

“So I totally support them in doing it anyway, because I always wanted to be a good girl, so I kinda deserve it.”

Robin Thicke wanted it

Asked why VH1 would do something so obviously against someone else’s wishes, VH1 answered, “Talk about getting blasted. PR campaigns sometimes cause blurred lines, and we hate that.”

“But in certain circumstances you just have to ignore a person’s clear and explicit instructions not to do something obscene that will hurt them.”

Robin declined to answer any further questions, so we took that as permission to ask him more questions.

His answer to our last question was ‘No’, so we took that as a ‘Yes’ and punched him in the face anyway.