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Hitler was the victim of ‘bad press’, claim Uruguayans

Uruguay suarez support

Adolf Hitler was a jolly nice fellow whose reputation as a mass murdering brute is the result of bad coverage in the English press, according to the entire population of Uruguay.

Uruguayans, who have defended Liverpool striker Luis Suarez following his third ban for biting another player, insist Hitler fell upon a group of millions of journalists which forced him to preside over mass genocide across Europe.

They insisted it was the fall that caused the ‘unfortunate coming together between the Nazi’s and the Jews’, rather than the story peddled by English media outlets suggesting an attempt to create Aryan super race.

“History has been overly harsh on the former leader of the Nazi party, in England for sure,” a spokesman for the Uruguayan Embassy, told us.

”Mein Fuhrer’ was a man of great discern and intellect, and had the press industry in the UK reported fairly, he probably would probably have got the credit he deserved.”

Uruguay backs Suarez

Liverpool fan Simon Williams was shown a photo of Hitler in a Liverpool shirt before telling us that Hitler was ‘probably just a misunderstood maverick’

“I mean, I read what he’s supposed to have done, but that’s just the side of the British press.”

“He looks like a top lad in that photo.”

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