Thursday 19 June 2014

Spanish FA to ditch failed tiki-taka style for grassroots conversion to long ball game

Spanish world cup exit

After the holders became the first team eliminated from the World Cup, the Spanish FA has announced a change in philosophy to embrace the great long ball teams of years gone by.

With ineffective tiki-taka football blamed for Spain’s early exit, those at the top of the game in Spain have begun looking for videos of the great Wimbledon sides of the late 1980s.

A spokesperson for the Spanish FA told us, “The tiki-taka experiment is over. It is time for something completely new.”

“Spain has led the world on tactical philosophy, and we will lead again by reinventing the alternative playing styles that proved so successful in the past.”

“People talk about the great dutch teams of the 70s and their invention of total football, and by the next world cup everyone will be talking about the long ball revival within Spanish football.”

“We have already made tentative approach for Bobby Gould to see if he would like to create his own ‘Banda loca’ with our international footballers. He seems keen.”

“Punting the ball 80 yards onto the head of a freakishly tall forward will win the next world cup – mark my words.”

“Player research is also underway, and there’s a big 6 foot 5 lad playing the third division who controls the ball further than most of our team can kick it – but boy can he head it. He’ll get his first cap next season.”

“Hey, you’re English, I don’t suppose you know if Andy Carroll has a Spanish grandparent?”

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