Google receives 12,000 requests to ‘forget’ Katie Hopkins

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Google has announced that since it opened up requests to allow people to be ‘forgotten’ by the search engine, 12,000 requests have asked them to forget professional television harridan Katie Hopkins.

The ‘forget me’ form from Google is designed to help unfortunate incidents leave the public consciousness forever, with thousands asking for help in forgetting Katie Hopkins ever existed.

Google user Charlotte Williams told us, “I do like the idea of Google having no idea who that woman is any more, but if they could go a bit further and create some sort of ‘brain soap’ to flush her existence from my mind, then that’d be great too.”

“Since I have learned who Katie Hopkins is, my life is immeasurably worse. I find myself hearing her opinions at the most inopportune moments, which invariably leaves me horrified.”

“I’m sure Google has lots of other priorities, but imagine how much better the world would be – overnight – if nobody knew who Katie Hopkins is, or was?”

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Google forget me form

Google has reacted to the thousands of ‘forget her’ requests by saying that technically they only remove people who themselves ask to be removed.

A spokesperson for the search giant explained, “I’m afraid that this process is designed for people to ask for themselves to be forgotten, but Ms Hopkins keeps sending us emails asking ‘Do you know who I am?’, and ‘Make sure you definitely know who I am’.”

“That said, someone sent us a YouTube clip of a performance of hers on Good Morning, and I’ve got to be honest, I’m tempted to sneak this one through.”