Justin Bieber offers Joan of Arc backstage pass

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After using the guestbook at the Anne Frank Museum as a marketing tool, Justin Bieber has caused further outrage by contacting the Joan of Arc Museum in Rouen, France, with an offer of a backstage pass.

After being told that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy when she was 19 years old, Bieber said: “Aren’t Heresy the band that won Popstars?

“Wow, they must have been whack!”

Responding to criticism that a backstage pass is pointless for a 19-year-old woman who has been dead for nearly 700 hundred years, Beiber told reporters, “It’s a gesture I make to all my fans, and she’s a woman, and a teenager, so by the very definition she’s a fan.”

“Shall I take my shirt off now?”

Justin Bieber visits Anne Frank museum

Meanwhile, hordes of Beliebers have taken to Twitter to vent their anger at ‘this Anne Frank bird’ who seems to be ‘dissing’ their idol.

“I would lock her in a dark room and never let her leave!” said one Belieber.

Whilst another wrote, “She has to stay quiet eh? Well that would be easy after I rip out her tongue for telling people to be mean to Justin.”

Yet another concluded, “You think this so-called ‘holocaust’ was messy – you just try calling him rubbish again, I dare you.”