Millwall fans to resume fierce rivalry with Millwall fans against Watford

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Millwall fans have warned Millwall fans that there will be trouble if they see any Millwall fans at tonight’s game against Watford.

Trouble flared in Millwall’s FA Cup semi-final defeat by Wigan on Saturday after Millwall fans infiltrated the Millwall end, leading to battles between the one set of supporters.

Police fear that the animosity Millwall fans have for Millwall fans could spark a repeat of Saturday’s violence.

“We would urge Millwall fans to avoid any areas that Millwall fans may congregate,” said a police spokesperson.

“We will do all we can to keep Millwall fans and Millwall fans apart, but we can’t rule out the added complication of Millwall fans turning up.”

Millwall warning

Millwall hooligan Mark McKenzie was amongst a number of troublemakers who have been issuing themselves with warnings ahead of this evening’s Championship fixture against Watford.

In a text message to himself, he said: “If I go to the game tonight then I’m telling me now it’s going to kick off.”

Mr McKenzie then ran down several alleyways before leaving a message on his voicemail in which he sang: “I’m going to kick my own fucking head in.”

Season ticket holder John Reeves was also keen to issue himself with threats of violence and to warn that he would almost certainly be travelling home in an ambulance.

Staring at his reflection in a shop window and making throat-cutting gestures, he chanted: “I don’t like me, I don’t care.”

“Come on then! Come on!