Serbia puts aside pocket money for UEFA racism fine

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The Sebian FA has been forced to put aside most of its spare change in anticipation of action to be taken by Uefa in response to multiple racist incidents last night.

Their match against England in an under-21 qualifying game ended with ugly scenes, and the English FA immediately implored Uefa to make sure they have no money for sweets and football stickers this week.

Anti-racism campaigner Simon Williams told us , “If Serbia are going to behave like unruly children, then we should treat them as such.”

“Taking away their pocket money doesn’t seem to have had any impact in the past, so why should it now?”

“We need a radical new approach. Has anyone considered introducing the naughty step?”

Serbia racism

Hopes remain high that Uefa will move strongly after this latest incident, despite their previous action in relation to such matters being about as effective as a Polish groundsman’s.

Uefa released a statement, telling reporters, “We can confirm we have received complaints about racism at last night’s fixture, and are taking it very seriously.”

“We still remember as a child losing our £1.50 pocket money when we didn’t tidy our room, and it’s a lesson we’ve never forgotten – removing tiny amounts of someone’s money can have a massive effect on behaviour.”

“But we’re not ruling an escalation in punishment and also sending them to their room.”