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People standing on piers likely to get wet, warns Met Office

Met Office warning

With heavy rain and strong winds currently battering the British Isles, the Met Office have issued a warning that people who like standing on piers might end up on the news being soaked by large waves.

With the number of photographs in newspapers showing someone struggling with an umbrella at their highest level since records began, The Met Office have urged people not to stand on piers “unless they absolutely have to”.

“A combination of strong winds and rain create a sort of blowy wetness that can change someone’s clothes from dry to damp within minutes,” explained BBC weatherman Matt Taylor.

“When you factor in the sea and some people’s apparent need to stand on piers then conditions can become extremely soggy.”

Weather warnings

With experts trying to determine under what circumstances it would be essential to stand on a pier, people standing on piers have revealed the conditions are treacherous.

“I have to walk to the end of pier in order to turn back and get to where I’m going, so it’s something that I can’t avoid,” said 32 year-old James Russell.

“Getting drenched by a wave that I saw coming and then running away with an expression of shock on my face is no fun whatsoever.”

With gusts of wind reaching speeds similar to what you would expect if Eric Pickles sat on a Space Hopper, meteorologists have indicated that the conditions could last until the end of the week.

“The conditions we are currently experiencing are the worst we have see since the last time it rained, and it could last until the end of the week,” revealed a Met Office spokesperson.

“We may not see conditions like again this until the next time it is a bit wet and blowy,”

“Which will probably be early next,” he predicted

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