Friday 21 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell apologises for letting his personality leak out in public

Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell today apologised after he accidentally spoke from the heart to members of the police force.

After telling Downing Street police offers they should ‘learn their place’ and calling them ‘plebs’, Mitchell said he would try harder in future to keep his opinions under wraps.

Mitchell told reporters, “In the Conservative party we’re trained to keep our true personality traits well hidden from the public, and so I can only apologise again for this lapse in concentration.”

“I have been told in no uncertain terms that the words like ‘pleb’ should only be used behind Whitehall closed doors and cabinet meetings.”

“Rest assured this will never happen again.”

Andrew Mitchell outburst

Many political commentators have expressed sympathy for Mitchell, explaining that not reacting with disdain to members of the public and civil servants is extremely difficult for members of the Conservative party.

As analyst Simon Williams explained, “You have to understand the difficult position he was put in here. He was being told he couldn’t have something that he wanted, which is extremely rare for a Tory politician.”

“Privilege and entitlement is something they grow up with, and it’s really hard to leave that behind just because your job means dealing with the public every now and again.”

“They’re simply not used to hearing the word ‘no’ – or rather they’re attuned to completely ignoring it.”

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