Friday 14 September 2012

Topless Kate photos an ‘awful invasion of privacy’, claims man busy googling for them

Man searching for topless Kate Middleton photos

The published photos of a topless Duchess of Cambridge on holiday in France are an obscene invasion of her privacy, insisted a man frantically typing ‘topless Kate Middleton’ into his web browser today.

The photos were taken whilst the couple we on holiday in France a couple of weeks ago, but this extra information will not help you find them, claimed the man.

He told us, “On holiday in a private residence you should have a reasonable expectation that any topless photos will be seen only by people trying to find out just how much of a privacy breach it was.

“These photos were taken by a Frenchman, so they’re obviously going to be a little perverted – but I’ll have to reserve judgement until I’ve actually seen them, obviously.

“Why? Have you got a copy?”

The royal couple is said to be furious about the photos, as are a large number of people currently trying to get a glimpse of them.

Internet user Simon Williams told us, “This is absolutely disgusting, and I can’t imagine the rage I will feel when I finally manage to find them online.

“William is furious, and he sees her breasts every day, so I imagine I’ll be positively incandescent.

“I wish the press would leave her alone so I could stop searching for the photos they’ve taken. We’d be a far better society all round.”

However, not everyone has sympathy for the Duchess, with amateur photographer Mike Jones telling us, “If she didn’t want to photographed from miles away with a long lens, she shouldn’t have developed breasts.

“She’s only got herself to blame.”

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