Islamic militants in urgent need of geography lesson, claim German embassy workers

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After Islamic militants attacked a German embassy in Khartoum in protest at an American anti-Islam YouTube clip, observers said a little map reading lesson wouldn’t go amiss.

Reports are emerging that violent protests are breaking out among Islamic militants in Sudan, in response to suggestions that some followers of their religion might be violent.

As protester Al Achbin Ahmed explained, “You have defiled the great Prophet and openly criticised the peaceful religion of Islam – so we’re burning your house down.”

“How else can we teach you not to say rude words about us without setting fire to things?”

“Germany is practically in the United States anyway, right?”

“Oh, really? Well, I’ve got this can of petrol now so it seems a waste to put it in a car.”

Islam film protests

Experts have said it is proving difficult to explain the concept of free-speech to many in the countries where protests are emerging.

Middle-East analyst Simon Williams explained “It’s a tough one, as the mere concept of being able to say anything you want without the approval of your leaders, religious or political, is completely alien to them.”

“They genuinely believe that Barack Obama was an executive producer on that youtube clip.”

“Well, that or the facts aren’t really that important when you’re in the mood to throw a few rocks. We’re not sure.”