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Cheryl Cole “will carry on after car crash solo career”

Despite it being described as ‘a horrific car crash,’ singer Cheryl Cole has vowed to carry on with her solo career.

“I’m fine. A bit shaken maybe,” she insisted, speaking after a period that included turgid albums, dubious performances and a widely-panned appearance at the Diamond Jubilee concert.

“The thing is to get straight back into the driving seat and give it another go. Another single, perhaps, or some other talent show,” she said, before being hurled to the floor by a posse of music lovers running in slow motion towards her and shouting ‘nnnoooooo!!!’ Accident

The singer also spoke of recent events in LA, where she was left crying and bleeding after a small motor accident.

“ was driving, he hit a parked car, that’s all I remember,” she said.

“Fortunately, I’d previously got my backing singers to record the words ‘look out!'”

“So I was able to fire up the CD player and mime a warning.”

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