Wednesday 22 February 2012

Adele nearing end of acceptance speech

Organisers of the Brit awards are close to being able to break down the set after Adele confirmed she was nearing the end of her backstage acceptance speech.

Adele was cut short during her televised acceptance of the ‘album of the year’ award due to fears that she would start talking about one of her exes, and subsequently chose to use the backstage area to thank everyone she could possibly think of by way of a protest.

Eye witnesses report that she began the rest of her acceptance speech with a 78-minute monologue on fighting adversity and the modern woman’s role in the music industry.

One witness told us, “We thought that was it, but then she started thanking people she’d met at school.”

“To be honest, we’re pretty sure she’s nearly finished, as she’s just spent 8 minutes thanking the person who sold her sweets when she was five.”

Adele cut short

Brit award organisers have apologised again for cutting Adele’s televised speech short, and pleaded with the multi-award winning star to please go home.

A spokesperson told us, “We’ve said we’re sorry. We’ve promised never to do it again. Yet still she’s thanking people and flicking the finger at us every chance she gets.”

“The overtime she’s making us rack up is absolutely killing us.”

“But we’ve learned our lesson.  If this ever happens again we’ll simply claim that James Corden has gone rogue.”

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