Thursday 16 February 2012 by Gary Stanton

Blue Peter garden to open to Salford drug addicts

The Blue Peter garden is to be opened up to members of the Salford drug-taking community for the first time at the BBC’s new Media City location, it has been announced.

The famous garden, which is currently being planted underneath some railway arches near a twenty four hour garage, will be officially opened by Bez on 23 February.

The new garden will be landscaped by Clint Boon of the Inspiral Carpets . Boon will incorporate the hand, foot and paw prints of the presenters and animals who appeared on the show in 1978 into the design, but has no idea which is which due to the shit-load of LSD he has consumed since the groups first TOTP appearance in 1991.

An additional feature is a sculpture of the show’s first pet dog Mabel sucking on a crack pipe, while hobbling along on three legs. The centrepiece is a resplendent ornamental fishpond with the fish removed as a pre-emptive measure.

Blue Peter editor Tim Levell said: “We’re really excited about being able to open up the garden so Blue Peter viewers, both young and prematurely old, can come along and visit it – we wanted to make it as accessible to the public as possible.”

“And this being Salford means junkies.”

Blue Peter Garden

It had previously been reported that the new location would be on the roof of Blue Peter’s new studio but was seen as a launch-pad for crystal meth users eager to impersonate the Red Arrows.

A mainstay of the children’s magazine show, the original garden was designed by Percy Thrower behind the staff canteen in Television Centre, but Thrower was ignominiously sacked after a massive collection of continental-strength pornography was found in one of the sheds.

Levell added, “In 1983 the garden was targeted by vandals, who stamped on plants, poured oil into the pond and smashed the stonework, but this will seem like a halcyon era when the Salford crew move in.”

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